Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hi-ho - still not not to work I go...

Today I made the trek to Anacostia - a part of DC I don't get to very often. I got to go past St. Elizabeths's Hospital - a psychiatric hospital and the current home of John Hinckley, Jr. among others who don't have a Wikipedia entry. I happen to have two friends who work there - one is a nurse, the other is the chaplain.

I had been on the campus a few times because of the band I play in. Our marching band rehearsed there one summer and before that a combined band of 120 musicians from around the country rehearsed there prior to marching President Obama's Inaugural parade. Our band was the first openly GLBT group to participate in a presidential inagural parade!!

But I digress...

My purpose for going was in response to an invitation from the DC Department of Employment Services to visit the DC Works! Career Center to participate in the Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) program.

I got there early because, well, that's just how I am. There was quite an array of folks. We filled out some paperwork, they collected other information from us and we had enjoyed a presentation on the services that the DC DOES offers.

Among the services - they have a Resume builder, a job recruitment tool and also have an extensive listing of online learning resources. The staff also provided a list of more job search sites.

To top it all off I got some exercise on the way back to the Metro. I opted to walk the two miles back to further my efforts as The Incredible Shrinking Librarian. Along the way I happened upon this lovely thistle all abloom.

thistle blooming along Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue in Washington, DC

My first thought was of my dear friend Diana Smith - also a librarian and an Anglophile. Then I thought about Scotland - a land she visited on several occasions.

But wait, there's more...

I have been making good use of my Linked-In profile. I happened upon a group on there titled - I Need a Library Job. The women who run this also have a great Twitter feed and a facebook site.

I recommend them highly!!

They post job openings as well as links to really useful articles. Last week when I was really feeling it - they posted a link to an article about avoiding the blues during your job search!! Gave some good practical advice!!

That being said - I'm ending the week on a good note - another day of job hunting and ready for the weekend!


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