Friday, June 3, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Librarian

Back in February I joined Weight Watchers. Over the years working at mostly sedentary jobs and not inclined to much exercise I had continued to gain weight. I did a few diets and for about 2 years participated in a trial for a weight loss drug. I learned a lot, lost some weight and gained it back.

As I have gotten older and seen some further health and life issues I have realized that dropping some of this extra weight will be a big help to me all around.

Having tried other types of diets I decided on Weight Watchers. I have a few friends who successfully lost weight following the program and more than anything there are no special foods or pills or supplements. I can eat whatever I want - I just need to watch how much I'm eating.

And there is exercise - I'm still working on that - but I am walking more. Most exercises I find incredibly boring so that is still a challenge. I am going to the SLA Conference in Philly and I'm staying at a hotel that is a 25 minute walk from the convention center. That will help.

And my progress since joining in February? I'm down 39.4 lbs! I still have a ways to go - but as my grandmother would say, Nothing beats failure like a success!

I couldn't have done this without the support from the meeting group and my friends and family. Most importantly I thank George for cooking such delicious meals and responding to my questions of How much rice is that? How many ounces of chicken is this?

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