Sunday, June 19, 2011

Like falling off a blog

In the midst of typing up my notes from the 2011 SLA Conference I went checking on my old blog site. A good friend set up the site in 2005 and I blogged on occasion, mostly around conference time.

Earlier this year I was trying to post on the site and I kept getting an error message. I contacted my friend the site manager and he worked on that. In the meantime I created this site since I already had a personal blog running on Blogspot.

I wanted to reference a blog post on my old site while posting my notes from the conference and saw a frightening comment on Google - Site may be compromised.

In very quick order I called my friend. I had been getting an error when I typed in the url and thinking that maybe I was missing something - I ran a search. The whole site had crashed including their back up. Not a good sign.

Fortunately because I had been talking to my friend about other problems he had downloaded all my postings. Yay! Hooray!!

So once I get the file I have to consider posting them here - but I don't want to post a bunch of old stuff. I will have to talk to the good people at Blogspot to see if I can somehow change a posting date.

I had some pretty good posts. Including the ones I was asked to remove by a former boss. I should have saved them and reposted after I left that job. C'est la vie.

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