Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Business cards - Oh my gosh!

So when one is unemployed and actually trying to find a job - one has some free time. Yes, there are many chores that are calling for attention - but there are also the job-search and networking chores.

I was dusting off things on my LinkedIn Profile and happened upon a group called Librarians Seeking Jobs. So I joined and I have seen helpful comments in many of the discussions.

One was from a librarian who mentioned her need to get business cards (okay - networking cards) for the ALA Conference. Well - I'm going to the SLA Conference next week and realized that I needed cards.

But I've waited too long to order them online unless I want to pay $87 for overnight shipping. So I went the old-fashioned route and found a local printer - took the Metro over there and placed the order. Some discussion to keep the cost down - but I'm getting a good, eye-catching card - I think.

Be the first person to get one from me at SLA!

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