Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year - New Beginnings!

Happy New Year! I have wondered before how long do we get to use that greeting. The year is still pretty fresh and new at least into February I should think. But it really only works when we are seeing friends for the first time in the new year. Still, if I don't see someone until April I don't think my opening salvo would be Happy New Year!

It must be very different for our Aussie, New Zealand, African and South American friends who greet the new year in the middle of Summer. Here in Washington, DC we start the new year in some of our coldest days. I think we'd extend the celebration if it were beach weather!

Nothing on the horizon at the moment for 2012. But the best way to commit to a blog is to get started. For now it is good to be at work. Despite the cold air outside, it is a lovely, sunny day. The commute to work went smoothly. So far at work it is quiet but I expect business to pick up soon. The folks here remain friendly.

Once again I am reminded and thankful to working with people who aren't crazy! As my sister says - that's not something I will take for granted again!

May we all have a successful and productive 2012 - and may we be prepared for the road ahead!

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