Friday, November 11, 2011

Settling into a new routine

It has been a hectic few weeks. I started the new job as mentioned previously. Interesting work and a nice place and people! Not crazy about the commute - about an hour+ door-to-door. But it is on Metro with a bus transfer and if I get off the bus one stop early I get some exercise.

So far I'm not overwhelmed with work but that may change. I asked the boss if there was anything I could work on rather than twiddling my thumbs. She's been working on a project of digitizing reports that the company has produced. So I was able to help with reviewing the documents.

It isn't very glamorous, but it passes the time and I'm getting a really good idea of the type of work that the company does. That has already paid off. Always surprised how things happen like that.

It will be a few months before the temp will turn to hire if that is what will happen. So making the most of it for now.

And today is Veterans' Day. Many thanks to all of our Vets - starting with my Uncle Dave who served in the Navy in Vietnam and so many others!!

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