Friday, December 18, 2015

Beyond Best Practices

Beyond Best Practices
November 18, 2015
Mayflower Hotel
David Brown, Senior Archivist, Securities & Exchange Commission

This talk was really aimed at Records Management within an organization but it can also be applied to Library services.
Know your organization:

  •  Environment
  • Culture
  • Situation
  • Perspective
  • Perseverance

Keep in mind that others aren’t always testing you – they just have a different perspective and viewpoint.

Know where your RM Program fits within your organization:

  • Duties/responsibilities
  • Metrics/Reporting
  • Customer view

Don’t let Records/Archive be a black hole where things disappear and can never be found again.

Know where you want to go!

  • Ensure coordination, buy-in, and communication
  • Be an instrumental asset in achieving compliance and risk mitigation
  • Integrate into the information technology structure

Have a Plan

  • Be transparent
  • Be accountable
  • Be opportunistic
  • Be transformative

Beyond Best Practices:
  • Provide clear, concise and decisive guidance and directives.
o   Establish expertise
o   Encourage discourse and reliance
  •  Have a strategic plan
o   Demonstrate program accountability
o   Exemplify transparency
  • Get baked-in
o   Get involved beyond the system development life-cycle

Records Managers don’t have a mission agenda.  We’re there to help the constituents.
Conduct organizational assessments.

Leverage relationships and expertise to achieve change and improve information sharing

Give answers – not options.  If you’re wrong, admit your mistake.  Be transparent and show your work.

Communicate your success.  At the SEC they would report on how many FOIA requests they received – not on how many they fulfilled.

Match your plans with opportunities

Expertise doesn’t expire.

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