Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A good time was had by all...

Greetings to my neglected friends and followers.

I've had the busiest weeks of late. I just finished a wonderful two-month temp job, my job hunting continues and personal life - mostly band - has been going full tilt. Add to that houselhold chores and projects - hence my neglect of the blog.

The job was really interesting - I learned a lot too. I don't have much of a science background so it was fun to dive into the subject matter at the National Agricultural Library.

The nicest part of my two months there were the people. They were really friendly - from the shuttle drivers and guards to all of the other people who worked there. I have worked at other places - and folks were certainly friendly - but there is just a great culture of commraderie there.

So I've got some experience for my resume and a few new friends and I learned about some of the great resources at another government agency.

So, now back to the job hunt in earnest. I have continued to apply for openings, both private and government. I'm always surprised at how some federal agencies reply promptly to applications and others take months to let you know anything. At least with I can check the status of my applications.

By the way - is re-vamping their website and it will be down from October 6-12. No postings and now applying. There's a notice that folks will have to resave their searches. It might be a smart move to make a copy of your resume(s) in case they vanish in the process. I'm going to do that right now!

Happy Autumn!!

Oh - and the title? Years ago I came across an item from my hometown newspaper, circa 1911 - about a trip to another town - 6 miles away. There was a party, someone played the piano, someone sang and there was much merriment. The news item concluded, "A good time was had by all." And the writer of this news item? "One who was there."

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