Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adding Value – CIOs

Michael Ridley – CIO, Director of Libraries, Guelph University, Canada


iCampus – Enterprise IT – trying to create a system and controls

One Community – many neighborhoods

But there is Tech Populism – everyone is her own IT department. We select computers and apps etc.

The Community has Tribal Identities – Information professionals, students, faculty, admin, etc.

The Information Age

We love that because we are information professionals. This is our age. Except, the information age is over. That metaphor is maybe holding us back

The Age of Imagination

How do we change the rules to make a better place? Information isn’t enough.
Think differently about your organization – it doesn’t have to be a 19th Century organization. There is a structure but it is an Open Organization
Be experts at failure – try things. Our advantage is our ignorance of what the outcome will be and that ignorance is our bliss. We don’t know what the tools are or where we are going.

Donna Scheeder – LC – CRS

Understand your organization. Understand the decision-making process. How much room is there for risk and failure?
Enterprise-wide approach – keep the technologies running.
What do customers want? Can we astonish them with what we can do for them?

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