Monday, March 28, 2011

Back by Popular Demand

Greetings readers,

The Back by popular demand is a euphemism. After almost a year hiatus I doubt I have any readers. Prove me wrong?

So the past year has been a full one and I have learned much. In my current job - reviewing contracts for data and database services - I have learned about reading contracts and what goes into a good contract. The needs agencies have to publish and the relative willingness some vendors have to allow us to negotiate terms.

From colleagues I have observed much and learned as well. From associates at other libraries I have learned that somethings never change. By the way, I hear karma can be a bitch.

So on the whole it has been a good year. I lost a long time friend suddenly last fall and another friend passed away in February from cancer. Maybe the good do die young and I'll be stuck here until I'm over 100. Actually - that has been a goal - not so much in and of itself. I have a goal to live beyond 2063 when my home state of West Virginia celebrates it's Bi-centennial.

But I digress... It is Spring - Washington, DC's best season what with all the lovely parks, warm temperatures and low humidity, and the lovely Cherry Blossoms. In the spirit of renewal, I am renewing my blog and talking about topics related to the work of librarians.

Important topics from work and the ether:

  • Contracts for electronic resources and data

  • Resource sharing tools like Sharepoint

  • Customer outreach and liaison with customer groups

  • Creating new libraries

  • A year of change

More to come on all of this!! Spring is the air!!!

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